Arawan is a clean and safe aesthetic and wellness clinic that welcomes a remarkable diverse community of hardworking professional individuals.

Our vision is to create community access to the services we provide for an impactful and unforgettable positive experience, where you will feel empowered, validated, and beautiful through the treatments received.

We will be offering a lot of great services soon to help boost self-confidence through a variety of highly valuable and individualized self-care driven aesthetic and wellness treatments. Our grand opening is scheduled for February 2024.

Connect with us to learn more about where we offer transformational, restorative, clinical, and cosmetic micropigmentation that deliver extraordinary realistic anatomical impressions helping someone recover an essential piece about them that was once missing, supporting them to feel better and sensationally confident. This very unique service is offered in different locations, please contact us for information.

wHAT DO we do? We provide access to the following TREATMENTS:

Stay tuned for additional aesthetics and wellness services coming soon in the Buffalo Grove, IL location such as:

Neurotoxin Injections, Dermal Fillers, PDO Threads

Medical Weight Loss Management, IV Therapy, Vitamin Injections

and more…

Collagen Induction Therapy with ProCell Microchanneling (Microneedling 2.0)

Helps with the following conditions:

Reduce stretch marks

Minimize hyperpigmentation

Decrease the appearance of acne or surgical scars

Minimizes the look of rosacea

Reduces the size of enlarged pores

Alleviates dull looking skin complexion

Stops hairless and stimulates dormant hair follicles for hair regrowth

Minimizes uneven skin tones & texture

Increases skin elasticity

Decreases fine lines and wrinkles

Skin Classic’s Radio Frequency Thermolysis for Minor Skin Imperfections such as:

Skin Tags

Flat Hyperpigmentation


Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Raised Hyperpigmentation

Cherry Angiomas


Telangiectasia (broken capillaries)

Clogged Pores

Acne Pimples

Face and Body Exfoliation & Body Buffing

Medical grade chemical peels will be offered soon. But, inquire within to see the type of exfoliation treatments are available.

Body Contouring with Ultimate Contour Radio Frequency and Ultrasound Machine

Clinical Micropigmentation – Not Offered in Buffalo Grove, IL

Clinical 3D Areola Tattoos

Clinical micropigmentation is a unique aesthetic service that provides hyper-realistic anatomical impressions.

This procedure offers a wide variety of applications such as: scar camouflaging from trauma such as burn or some type of surgery, stretch mark camouflaging, brightening or balancing skin tones and hair follicle impressions on the scalp, and our most popular service which is the areola-nipple restoration for breast cancer survivors and gender affirming top surgeries.

Sunshine is a registered nurse who is multi-certified in providing transformational, restorative, clinical micropigmentation. Contact us to learn where the micropigmentation service is offered.

Clinical 3D Areola Micropigmentation – Not offered in Buffalo Grove

Clinical 3D Areola Tattoos

Breast cancer survivors are warriors who went through a lot and deserve to regain the meaningful piece lost through their battle with cancer.

This particular service is also provided for gender affirmation scar cover ups and hyperrealistic nipple restoration to help them declare their identity and feel more secure about themselves.

Sunshine is a registered nurse who is also a restorative micropigmentation artist. She helps patients by creating hyperrealistic 3-dimensional areola-nipple micropigmentation to help survivors feel whole again.

Eyebrow Restorative Micropigmentation – Not offered in Buffalo Grove

This procedure is ideal for patients who have thinning eyebrows due to aging. Eyebrow restoration is also best for someone who suffers from trichotillomania, alopecia, or cosmetic hair removal causing reduced hair growth. The eyebrow embroidery creates a gorgeous eyebrow template customized to highlight your strikingly beautiful facial features and help gain full confidence again.

Restorative Belly Button Micrpigmentation – Not offered in Buffalo Grove

A restorative belly button micropigmentation is best for patients who have lost the shape of their belly button from trauma or some type of surgical procedure such as abdominal hernia repair or abdominoplasty (tummy tuck or mommy make over).

Sunshine is an expert at restoring the look of your belly button after a mommy-make over or post hernia repair.

Freckle Micropigmentation – Not offered in Buffalo Grove

The sun is damaging to the skin, but Sunshine can make you look constantly sun kissed by applying freckle tattoos without sun exposure.

Freckles appear after being exposed to the sun for extended periods of time over many years. The sun is damaging to the skin and freckles or sun spots can lead to something more serious. Avoid the harsh damaging effects of the sun but get the same sun kissed result with freckle micropigmentation.

Lip Shape Correction, Lip Blush, and Lipstick Micropigmentation – Not offered in Buffalo Grove

This service helps with adding balance and symmetry to anyone with diminished lip lines, migrated vermillion borders, or for anyone with a past surgical history of cheiloplasty (surgical lip repair, cleft lip repair). This procedure will help gain confidence back by having the illusion of a full lip line.

Eyeliner Micropigmentation – Not offered in Buffalo Grove

Eyeliner micropigmentation is a procedure best for anyone with little to no eyelashes. The micropigmentation creates an appearance of having lashes for those without due to chemotherapy, alopecia, or trichotillomania or giving an illusion of having thicker lashes. Lashes help enhance the shape of the eyes for a confident presence.

Scar Camouflage Micropigmentation – Not offered in Buffalo Grove

Scars are a part of wound healing derived from physical wounds caused by trauma or surgically manifested incisions. However, visible scars are reminders of what happened to our bodies and can have negative and detrimental effects to our minds.

Scar camouflaging helps conceal visible and unwanted scars making it less visible and less noticeable. Concealing scars refreshes the mind and sets a more positive vibe on the negative energy brought forth by scars.

Sunshine can help conceal the appearance of your scars to restore the look of smooth and beautiful skin.

Color Correction or Lightening – Not offered in Buffalo Grove

Micropigmentation colors fade and change over time. This service allows us to correct or lighten the micropigmentation from previous procedures.

Existing issues may be present prior to the desired tattoo procedure such as previous brow tattoos that need to be lightened or neutralized from the color it has faded to. An in-person evaluation may be required before reservation approval. If reservation is approved, multiple sessions may be required to reach target color and preserve skin integrity.

Cosmetic Micropigmentation Color Boost – Not offered in Buffalo Grove

The color boosting helps restore the appearance of transformational and restorative micropigmentation.

Please be ready to send a well-lit photo for evaluation. An in-person visit may be required if lighting does not allow proper assessment.

Patch Test

Application of products used on the skin to assess for any type of skin reaction. No immediate sensitivity may be noted, therefore, a two-week (14 days) waiting period is required before procedure to evaluate potential delayed reactions. The sensitivity test should be completed at least two weeks before the scheduled procedure. Although the test is performed, the patch test or sensitivity test does not guarantee that there will be no delayed reactions later.


Oh my gosh. She is so thorough and professional! She’s also a nurse, so I totally trust her. I love that she has paperwork for you to sign and she gives you everything you need for aftercare. 100% would recommend her! I wake up confident everyday because now I have brows! It cuts down time to do my makeup.

— J.A.

Wow, I must admit that my Eyebrow nurse did an outstanding job, my eyebrows look perfect just the way I want them to look! Any my heeling process went smoothly as they provided me with good antiseptic cream and soap to keep them in balance, I definitely recommend this place! Very friendly and professional. I will be coming back again! Thanks a lot for your service! Also very affordable! Rate 10/10

— lovingit098

It was my first time getting any type of procedure done to my face and it was a great experience. They spoke to me through the whole procedure explaining everything and making sure I was comfortable. I would definitely come back again!

— Jimbo C

Sunshine did PROCELL MICRO CHANNELING on me. Based on her explanation of the procedure, she’s has enough knowledge of the pros and cons of it. She was very thorough and since she knows that my pain threshold is very low, she was so careful and mindful of how I felt. I am so happy I found her, and I will surely comeback.

— Levita Dougherty